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The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You'd Like

Of course we absolutely love this article in the the latest 'The Atlantic' which, as the title suggests, recommends drinking as much coffee as you'd like. We can get behind that study.

Here's a couple of highlights -

There's an association between 'moderate' consumption and an mitigating the affects of heart failure.

Any positive health affect of coffee consumption doesn't diminish until 10+ cups a day.

It was found to be a pain reliever, both physically with joints and muscle pain and mentally with decrease rates of depression.

It'll help maintain good cholesterol and reduce type 2 diabetes.

It'll help prevent some cancers.

It'll help in workout performance.

It'll help alcoholics stay sober.

In essence, coffee fixes everything right?

But of course, "what we choose to add to coffee can just as easily negate the benefits -- various sugar-sweetened beverages were all significantly associated with an increased risk of diabetes. A learned taste for cream and sugar (made all the more enticing when they're designed to smell like seasonal celebrations) is likely one of the reasons why we associate coffee more with decadence than prudence."

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Sunday, 17 February 2019