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Coffee Lover's Holiday Wishlist

Most patrons that have gotten to know us here at Pearland Coffee Roasters, have learned not to be surprised when we start to geek out over new things. So, as we're approaching the holiday season we wanted to make a list of things that we like. Not that we expect anyone to actually buy these for us (because we have most of the coffee items on the list already), but because we've always thought that if we like something, someone else would to.

1. A good Coffee Grinder. If you haven't heard us say it before you'll hear it eventually. Every coffee enthusiast NEEDS a good grinder. We highly recommend Baratza Precision Burr Grinders (which we have in stock). Starting at $135-$575

2. A Pour-Over Coffee Brewer. We've got quite a few options in this category and we use nearly all of them on a daily basis. The two that we'd recommend as a great gift is the Clever Coffee Dripper which is super easy to use and the Chemex Coffee Maker, a great show piece with tasty results.

3. Using a Scale truly establishes a home brewer into coffee-geekdom. It really is the most accurate way to brew coffee for consistency. You'll wonder why you've never done it before. We really like the Jennings CJ-4000 for the price and functionality as it comes with a powercord or can be battery powered.

4. Of course you'll need Fresh Roasted Coffee and we have it. Whether you or yours prefers a darker roast or a single-origin variety, we've got you covered. Two of our favorites that are still new to us is our Papa New Guinea - Madan Estate with a sweet-earthiness and the Kenya which has a floral note to it.

5. Chocolate. We don't need to say much more than that. We'd recommend stopping at Trader Joe's and trying out their selection.

6. A good Book or two goes a long way. Some of our favorites include anything by J.R. Tolkien or C.S. Lewis.

7. Another great option is the gift of Music. Visit to find new music for you and your friends. There's plenty of music for the holiday season by artist of the highest caliber.

8. Honestly, we find that the best gift is Company. Invite someone over for dinner. But don't just make everything yourself, have them come over and help make it. Spending time in a kitchen, working together over something that you'll soon share is priceless. And, you can have a cup of coffee or two over dessert.

The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You'd Like

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Sunday, 17 February 2019